Your personal Contact

Dear Partners, Customers and interested Parties,

we always strive to provide you with the best Information and Service. Our Success is based on Trust, Transparency and Professionalism. That is why we ask you not only to take special care, but also in general to ensure that you have personal Contact with us and the Consultants and Advisors we provide.

We do not send any inquiry and request Emails and contacts to you for any Information and financial Support, or financing, either in general. If you ever receive such Emails, please let us know and if you save these Emails, please send them to us too.

Furthermore, you will only have to deal with Consultants and Supervisors that we present here on this Homepage, or an Homepage in differentLanguages that we have linked, with the relevant contact Details. If you are in any way unsure or even suspect that the Person addressed to you does not be from our Company, please contact us emediatly.

Finally, it should be pointed that there is no acquisition by Telephone and/or Email from us, and therefore no contact is made from our Site.

We thank you for your cooperation