Green Energy

Sun Contracting AG

Sun Contracting AG is an innovative internationally active solar power company, which enables the establishment and usage of photovolatic facilities with no incurring costs for the customers during the contract term. With over 270 contracting facilities installed in Austria, Germany and Lichtenstein, Sun Contracting AG is considered one of the most succsessful companies within its own branch industry.

From the moment the photovoltaic system has been installed on any rooftop area provided by the customer on, all costs regarding the installment, maintenance and servicing are taken over by the company during the entirety of the contract term, which lasts a minimum of  20 years and also includes a performance insurance. Instead of being taken down, the photovolatic system will become the customer’s property after the contract term ends. Sun Contracting AG makes profit by receiving compensation for each kWh of sustainable solar power being used.

Advantages for the investor

  • At least 5% fixed interest rate
  • Insured by non-cash assets
  • Contract term of at least 5 – 25 years -> amount of interest depends on duration of investment
  • Bonds in EUR and CHF
  • Profits are reinvested into the company
  • Opportunity to invest in yourself  =  Increase in the value of the company

Advantages for the customer

  • No capital investment necessary
  • No incurring installment or maintenance costs during contract term
  • Performance insurance guaranteed
  • Rooftop rent for otherwise unused space
  • Minimized energy costs due to personal usage of solar power/remaining solar power being fed into the public power grid
  • Takeover of ownership after contract term ends

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Green Finance

Green Finance Group AG is an environmentally friendly company, that specializes in valuable real estate, renewable energy and sustainable capital investments. With more than 2400 Green business partners in Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia the company values its business relationships as the foundation of its success.

Respectively, Green Finance Group AG pays attention to implementing their real estate projects in an environmentally friendly and energy-saving manner while avoiding additional soil sealing. This philosophy reflects in the company’s current sustainable real estate project in Mauerkirchen where a former empty furniture store is being converted into green rentable family homes.

Based on its partnership with Sun Contracting AG the company also offers its customers the opportunity to switch to more sustainable solar power and minimize their energy costs by having a photovoltaic system provided by Sun Contracting AG installed, without paying capital investments.

Invest in yourself! The report numbers and satisfied customers prove that it is worth it.


Robert-Andreas Babenberg

CEO Babenberg Agency KG

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