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We have various current Projects in various subject Areas (Real Estate, Financial Institutions, International Law, Restructuring of National and International Companies and Coorperations, Government Affairs and Government Bonds and Asset Management). If you are interested in short, medium and/or long-term Investments of this Type, please read here at Portfolio  and/or send us your Interest so we will find the best solution for your Investment.

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Real Estate Investment

We advise and accompany you throughout the entire project period and take care of all involved process details.

Recycle, supervise and implement new and old construction projects through to large-scale projects, both national and international, is important to us.

More information at: Real Estate Investments

Green Energy

We promote sustainability and support the Paris Agreement
by creating opportunities for businesses, businesses, communities, public institutions and farm buildings
to use renewable energies free of charge by means of photovoltaic systems.

Another advantage results from investing in your own company using green finance. It´s a win-win situation for the climate and your own interests. 


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