Our team

We are proud of our team, which we can present to you here:

  • Assistence
    • Completed master's degree in German Philology 2014-2016
    • Educational minimum 2018-2019
    • Doctoral student in the field of German literature
    • Experience in research, teaching, literature and organization of events
    • Languages: German, English, Czech

    • Educated in Political Science (BA), currently on the master program
    • Experience in research, (social) media and client contact
    • Former workplaces: Vienna Tourist Board, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF)
    • Languages: english, german, italian

    •  Many years of professional experience in the following areas:

    Invoicing / stock accounting / statistics 

    • Degree in graphic and webdesign, knowledge of HTML & CSS
    • Several years of experience in the field of social media / online appearances
    • Master´s degree student in digital transformation
  • Recherche & Information
  • Markus Rinderer, MA

    • Education: Communication, Business Management, Sound Engineer, Media, Journalism, Law School, Musical Composition
    • Expertise: Historian, Political, PR, B2C, Media Online, TV, Radio, Print
    • Motivation: I am a person who was always interested in the world entirely. Through many years I have acquired a great deal of knowledge in various fields. And my hunger for new experiences and new knowledges is insatiable.
  • Support for Partners, Clients & Customers
  • Online Support