Our Agency

Originally the JRB GORTEI Agency ltd was founded as a Consulting, Trading and Science Company, in England in January 2000. The field of activity has always been expanded through the studies and the Network that have arisen through travel and activities. In 2019, Babenberg Agency KG was set up as an Agency for the field of activity in the European Union to respond to the Brexit and therefore continue to be able to offer our Clients and Partners the best Service internationally.

The Fields of activity are already covered by the Founder in a wide variety of ways, including Network and Lobbying such as Consulting and Management Consulting on an international base.

The experience of a man from a very old Family, who combines values ​​with the circumstances of adaptation as well as respect, acceptance and conscientiousness with professionalism, represent the perfect Foundation of these companies.

A constant view through foresight and attention to the essentials, round off the results for an excellent Goal orientation. Thus, the work on the results has always been and will continue to be achieved through experience, maintenance of values ​​and professionalism.

Working together as an equal Partner can only bring one result. And that is always the well-being of achieving the desired and as well to secure the Future.

We are grateful for your Trust and look forward to further and/or soon Cooperation.