Robert - Andreas Stephan Babenberg


Robert - Andreas Stephan Babenberg,
born 18th August 1977
Upgrowing in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Scotland.

Until his age of 14, he was educated with his siblings by private Teachers. After this time, by moving to Vienna,  he attended a renowened High School and the Information Technology  High School and College in Vienna, Austria.


After the first years of professional experience, he completed his Military Service at the Austrian Armed Forces.

He stopped working as an Employee in December 1999 and founded his Company as JRB GORTEI Agency ltd in January 2000 in England. After the Brexit he decieded to expand the Company by founding the Babenberg Agency KG in Vienna, to solve to complete Area in the European Union further more.

Graduated in:

  • PhD Philosophy
  • PhD Philosophy and Theological Science (Magister graduated)
  • PhD Political Science and Government
  • PhD Social Science
  • PhD Mathematics and Informationtechnology
  • PhD Satellite Technology
  • PhD Astrophysics
  • PhD Data- and Transmission Technology (Diplom Engineer graduated)
  • PhD Informationtechnology and Communications Engineering (Diplom Engineer graduated)
  • B.Sc. Economics for Bank and Finance


Attended and leaded Projects:

  • Siemens Austria - HICOM
  • Siemens Switzerland & Germany – LAN/WAN Communication Centre for South Africa and Russia (Government)
  • Relectronic Austria/Germany – IT and IT Communication Centers Government Cooperations
  • Bank Liechtenstein – Database Quality and Customer Care Service Programming
  • Fürst Fugger Bank – Business Relations Database Programming
  • Inside Internet AG (Switzerland & France) – Marketing and Financial Analytic Database Programming and Service
  • Consulting IT for Telecom & Mobilkom Austria AG, Telecom Swiss, Telefonica Hungaria, Raiffeisenlandesbank Wien, Edmond de Rothschild Bank, Fürst Fugger Bank
  • Consulting – HSBC, JP Morgan & Chase (both Europe), Siemens (Europe and Asia), International Red Cross and Blue Cross, Doctors without Boarders, United Nations (different Programms, worldwide), International Law for European Union, UK Commonwealth, Canada, United Nations
  • Diplomacy Consulting and Advisory in different Matters around the World
  • Freelance Advisor for Politik Science, Social Science, IT and Telecomminucation, Medical Structural Systems and Cooperations
  • Consulting and Advisor for Structur, Systematics, Restructoring, Cooperations and Relations Science & Research Projects
  • Science Consulting und Projects at and with Telecommincation, Database, IT and Transcription, Transfer and Database Research Services and Projects with Technical University of Vienna, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Zurich, Munich