Uwe Hans Krutzke


Uwe Hans Krutzke
born 28th September 1960

Upgrowing in Germany, since 2000 resident in Austria.


- 1966 to 1975

Catholic schools in Hamburg, Franciscan monastery Franzikus-Gymnasium Hürtgenwald with high school diploma

- 1975 to 1980

Training in the family business in the fields of mechanical engineering with a degree, steel construction and structural steel with a degree and also welding techniques graduation

- 1980 to 1983

Advanced training at the Bonn Academy for Bonnfinance Deutsche Bank Grube, banking and insurance department with degree

- 1984 to 1989 

Training in the military field at home and abroad, retired with the rank of major

- 1998 to 2005

Security in and for the diplomatic service

- 2005 to 2010 

Self-employed in security and personal protection at home and abroad for private entrepreneurs and finance sectors

- since 2010

Self-employed for real estate development and core renovations of old buildings, listed buildings with drainage at home and abroad

- since 2014

Self-employed as a construction consultant, construction supervision for the areas of mechanical engineering steel and steel structures and welding techniques at home and abroad (Egypt, Israel, Africa, Arab Emirates resident)

- since 2018