Focus & Success

What our Consultancy stand for and what are our Standard?


  • The priority of Consultancy is to view into the entirety of a Company or Organization and is oriented between present and the future. In contrast to other Business Consultancy professions that are primarily present- or past-oriented, we link both Areas.

  • The performance of Business Consulting is the creation of benefits for Companies, Businesses and Organizations. This is done through advice and assistance in the development of the organization  of Clients in the Economy-, Communicative-, Technical-, Administrative- and Social Area. The goals are to increase and safeguard opportunities, to process and avoid risks, and to assist in the implementation of strategies and measures.

  • The Management Consultants act as external, independent and professional. In this way, they expand internal Company perspectives to external perspectives. SO the Experts are free to include Information and Knowledge insofar as this is relevant for the fulfillment of the order.

  • The Consultancy has a special relationship of trust with the Clients, therefore it handles all information obtained responsibly and maintains secrecy.

  • In addition to their Specialist knowledge, the Consultants need methodological know-how and social competence. This particularly includes change competence. This interplay of skills forms the Base of a successful consultation process for the benefit of the Client.

  • The Consultants work in different roles, often mixed forms


    • o Generalist and interdisciplinary Advice, especially at Corporate Management Level
      o Technical/Content Advice
      o Implementation Support
      o Assumption of special tasks
      o Expert activity to prepare Expert Opinion
      o Moderation
      o Systemic Advice
      o Coaching (especially for Managers)
      o Mediation
      o Business Training
      o Interim Management


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