How much will your Businessplan be? Or, how much will our service be?

This is probably the most important question of your new venture that deserves close attention.

However, as important as this question is, as important is an honest answer. Because the price are not as easy to determine as when buying a car, in which perhaps only the color and equipment details have to be determined, and these go according to a list. Because your concern is subject to an ascertainable effort that only arises after an initial Interview. Earliest after this first Internview you will know your need.

Without further details on the Business model, the price for a Business plan or the preparation of a liquidity plan are difficult to differentiate in advance.

Individuality in the sense of professional processing and support also determines the pricing.

Every Business plan and liquidity plan has roughly the same structure. Structure and content must fit, like a tailored Suit.

Price-determining factors are:

  • Should a secondary data analysis be compiled for the competition analysis?
  • Scope and quality of the Documents received?
  • How explanatory is the Business model?
  • Is the Business presentable as a template for a Bank's Credit check, for Investor talks or for a Municipal Department?
  • Are enough sufficient Information available for: capital requirements plan, financing plan, cost planning, sales plan, sales planning, profitability plan, minimum sales calculation and liquidity planning?
  • In which languages ​​should the Business plan be formulated?
  • As a result, are adjustments or adaptations, desired or even necessary, and if so to what extent?
  • Do you only want national or international needs for the Concept?

Business plan pricing

The bandwidth for the professional creation of a Business plan in the comparison of the Management Consultancy ranges from € 1,290.00 plus 20% VAT to € 4,990.00 plus 20% VAT for small to medium-sized Business plans (if an other Currency is needed please request that, we will provide in different Currencies). The Business plan Investment are a good investment that pays off and is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary costs! In addition to a professional Document (Businessplan), the included financial plan clearly defines the budgetary direction as a timetable and delimits the start-up phase, degree of implementation and risks. The Business plan costs are entirely tax-deductible in a start-up phase after the company is founded.

However, we do not only provide you with Business plans and Concepts, our Portfolio includes an extremely wide range to meet your requirements and needs.

A transparent, honest partnership with you as a partner is our goal. Long-term support for your projects. Your Goals and Projects should promise your Success and these Investment are much less, with professional supervision and support.